monte carlo

  1. C

    unhealthy tropica 1-2 grow cups

    hey guys I ended up ordering tropica 1-2 grow plants from two different sites. one of them is porton aquatics and the other was aquaessentials. Porton aquatics seemed to have a good deal going on as they were doing 2 pots mix and match of tropic for £4. Its a shame they didnt have all the...
  2. T

    Light, Monte Carlo and Moss balls - Picture added

    Hi New member, first post. I have setup a new 30L tank and in it I am having monte carlo, dwarf hairgrass and Marimo Moss balls. I have opened out the moss balls and glued them on to the top of half coconuts and they look pretty good! My plan was to grow a monte carlo carpet around these so...
  3. Aqua Essentials

    Monte Carlo at 33% off

    This is a cracking deal All Monte Carlo pots are on sale until the end of Feb Check it out!
  4. Aqua Essentials

    Instant Carpet of Monte Carlo

    Don't bust a gut trying to grow a big carpet We've got some already grown for you - Dimensions: Approx 20x15cm
  5. Richard Swales

    The Iwagumi Journal

    Hi There I am undergoing a new project to create an Iwagumi style Aqua Scape aquarium. This series of posts will journal my project week to week as a progress to keep you and indeed myself in the loop! I want to use this build my skills in aquascaping by being able to reflect and critique...
  6. E

    help needed mont carlo deficiency?

    hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm not sure whats wrong with my mont carlo, its been carpeting well however i have noticed some deficiency or something wrong. some leaves don't appear healthy. leaves seem to be almost transparent around the outside or darker and lighter in the middle ...
  7. Christos Ioannou

    MC: to trim or not to trim?

    hi after much effort I managed to get my mc going. struggled with this... :oops: and now got this :D while it slowly covers the substrate to a full carpet some patches are empty others are dare I say thick. so, will a trim promote runners (faster cover) and help maintain a healthy mc or...
  8. MrHidley

    James' 60P - 6 month Update

    Wasn't happy with how the last scape was going, there were some fundamental errors in the set-up stage, so here we go again. Tank- ADA 60P Stand - DIY ADA-ish style CO2- DIY set-up with 2kg fire extinguisher. Inline UP Aqua diffuser. Heater- Hydor Inline 200w Filter- Hydor Professional 350...
  9. Christos Ioannou

    Monte Carlo

    Struggling for too long with this. Substrate=clay Light=2x54w t5 65cm above substrate (40cm above water) Dosing=EI CO2 via reactor then spraybay 30ppm co2 calibrated solution lime green@substrate level Circulation:even mc leafs swing in current Remaining plants doing ok New leaves appear...
  10. João Miguel Silva

    The Green Stream - Aquascaping 90L

    Name: The Green Stream Setup Date: 13/03/2015 Description: The Green Stream was born as an idea a few months, the concept was to replicate the underwater image of a river bank with sand bed where the vegetation brings out the transition between the bed and the margin, which is the perspective in...
  11. josepinto

    End of Summer 300l - Planted

    So the summer ended and with it my vacations, I decided to setup my new tank, and although some problems with the co2 hardware, here it goes. Im still waiting for some plants to fulfill what i want to do with this aquascape. Hope you guys enjoy it. Plants: BLYXA JAPONICA ELEOCHARIS SP...
  12. Zak Rafik

    Carpet plant and Mid-ground plants melting. Kindly advice.

    Hi everyone, This is my first post to this forum. I was referred to this forum by John from Aquarium Plant Food UK. I have recently setup my tank ( 26 days old) and all was going well when I noticed my carpet plant (Monte Carlo) and my midground plants (Staurogyne Repens & Lobelia cardinalis...
  13. Jaap

    Natural Aquarium attempt - 16/06/2015 (pics)

    Hello, Day 1! After many efforts of finding plants in this country, I have finally gotten my hands on some and here is the aquascape that I managed. Tank Size: 40L Substrate: JBL Manado Fertilization: EI Light (still coming): TMC GroBeam 600 with controller Plants: Eleocharis Parvula, Java...
  14. Antoni

    The Lonely mountain -Final photo before taking it down

    Hi everybody, it has been awhile since I have started this project, but as I have been away for more than a month and I have been quite busy lately, I didn't have time for it. The long story short: As I really liked the hardscape I have used in Aquatics Live, I wanted to create a long..or...