moss balls

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    Light, Monte Carlo and Moss balls - Picture added

    Hi New member, first post. I have setup a new 30L tank and in it I am having monte carlo, dwarf hairgrass and Marimo Moss balls. I have opened out the moss balls and glued them on to the top of half coconuts and they look pretty good! My plan was to grow a monte carlo carpet around these so...
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    Kitchen Nano

    Greetings , my name is Cristian , I am 32 years old , I am from Romania , used to live in UK for the last 11 years but returned home 2 years ago. I have kept fishes just for fun , experimenting by myself with all kinds of scapes. Today i will present my curent tank. - Ciano Nexus Pure 25 l (all...
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    Mini Moss Balls

    Check em out - 2-4cm in size :)