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mountain scape

  1. CooKieS

    45x27x30, ‘Apocalypse Now!’

    Hi there, So lots of changes on my plans; -My beloved 60p is now sold and is going to it’s new home end of this week. -My 17l shrimp nano is now going without co2 and temporary host the betta from the 60p. -Got an 45x30x27 from Viv (same quality as Ada 45p) to replace the 60p. Equipment...
  2. CooKieS

    Mountain wabi kusa 17l

    Hi there, Got bored from staying home because of the Covid-19... So here is a little mountain scape I made today (31x21x26cm), it’s going to be an wabikusa for some of the cuttings coming from my bigger tank. ;-) i just planted some Chinese seeds to add an easy carpet. Cheers, Thierry
  3. B

    Concrete Mountain Landscape

    The idea A couple of mountains with a mountain range in the background. Spaces for aquasoil in built into the rocks and lifted up to different levels of height, some right below the lamp, at the top of the mountains. So I hope to bring smaller foreground plants up into the mountains! The...
  4. CooKieS

    Cunzo pico tank, 780ml, mountain

    Hi, Just for fun; Seiryu stone Ada La plata sand Plants to come; Riccardia Aegrophila Anubia micro Cheers
  5. Nigel95

    45P Nature Aquarium Mountain Aquascape

    New project in the ADA 45P Cube Garden. A brazilian mountain layout try.. this hardscape really need plants to look better. Sides, middle and background will be planted with mostly stem plants. Some color as well. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel :thumbup...
  6. Nigel95

    Nigel's Mountain scape 36L

    New nano scape for a live contest (Vivarium) in November. Have a look at my Youtube channel :) >> www.youtube.com/nigelaquascaping << Final video Final shot R-Nigel-Hoevenaar-40-cm-nano-aquascape-Taihang-Mountains-- by Nigel Aquascaping, on Flickr Specs planted tank aquarium Tank 40x30x30...
  7. AquaGuy601

    Iwagumi 60p mountain slope

    Beginner aquascaper here and I'm looking for any advice tips on starting my first scape. Here in Georgia we have a lot of sloped hills with this plant called kudzu with exposed rock and that's what I'm gaining some of my inspirations from. I have an idea of what I want but not on how to exactly...
  8. S

    Unnamed Mountain scape

    Below is my new mountain scape details. Substrate Tank size 60x30x30 Lighting 2X24W cheapo lights[IMG]http:// Substrate 18L controsoil Rocks from LFS Filtration Sunsun302 Plants MC This was my first scape Later changed it to new scape, asI couldn take care of it. Day 1 of the new scape...