1. maboleth

    Black Malaysian trumpet snails ?

    I've got several of black MTS' from my local fish store . Apart from different colour, are they the same as regular zebra-gray MTSes? Does anyone have them?
  2. maboleth

    On the fence about MTS

    I acquired four of these snails, they are all white trumpet variants with spots. They look totally cool, one of the coolest looking snails for me, very "exotic" to say at least, could also look great with my gravel. They are not black or yellow, so that's also a plus for me. HOWEVER, I'm...
  3. A Bull With Yogurts

    Malaysian Trumpet Snail In An 'El Natural' Tank

    Hi, I'm totally new to all this and having a stab at setting up an El Natural tank (350L). I'm currently in the preparation stages of my soil and driftwood. I am planning to have an inch of soil capped by an inch of sand. I want to put Malaysian Trumpet Snails in the tank to stir the sand and...
  4. 2pods

    BBA in Low Light tank

    I have an Interpet Fishpod 120L I've been running for over five years. It has a variety of low/med light plants, gravel, and Mopani wood, which were doing well over all this time, being fed 5ml Neutro daily, along with half a cap of Neutro CO2 daily. Weekly water change is 30-40%. Filter is a...