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nano cube

  1. S

    My Tank of Redemption!

    Hi All Here's my second time around setting up this 20 litre Nano tank. I'm calling it my redemption tank, because the first time around was more than a bit chaotic/disastrous (I very nearly gave up on the hobby!). However, here I am giving it another shot. Hardscape: Black Lava Rock, Wood...
  2. monzajim

    Another Noob

    Critique my hardscape Before I start big thanks to Dave @ AG first time I have used them ordered yesterday arrived today excellent service First attempt at a Iwagumi well 3 hours worth (too late to break rock for fore ground detailing 😁) Would appreciate thoughts on my first attempt Blue fin...
  3. Karmicnull

    Filters for a low tech Betta cube

    Hi Folks, I'm putting together a 40cm Cube (60L total) which will house a Betta. I'm intending to keep filtration slow and gentle to keep the Betta happy, so will be using a sponge filter. I've not used a sponge filter before so this is an exciting new venture. My question is: will one be...
  4. Karmicnull

    The new ice age

    "Look at me; I design coastlines. I got an award for Norway. Where’s the sense in that? None that I’ve been able to make out. I’ve been doing fiords all my life, for a fleeting moment they become fashionable and I get a major award. In this replacement Earth we’re building they’ve given me...
  5. dallen98

    Weekend Project

    hello world, I have been lurking internet forums and benefiting from your experience for many years now - excited to join in the conversation. Here's the outline for a new project I'll be working on over the weekend, will send progress pics and happy to hear comments / advice: Aquarium: 5...
  6. Geraint Anderson

    How much stone for a nano tank?

    Hi, In an effort to improve my aquascaping skills I have decided to get a nano cube so I can re-scape it often and try new designs. I have bought a cheap 20cm cube and am going to try to recreate this: How much rock will I need? Given it's such a small tank I'm planning on buying a bit more...
  7. Davidwebbuk

    New Joiner - Two nano tanks

    Morning all. Just joined after George Farmer mentioned the forum in one of his videos. I've got a pair of 30l Square Nano tanks that I'm intending to plant and keep a Betta & shrimp and either raspboras or tetras and shrimp. They're currently in the kitchen as I try and get them cycled. I...
  8. cheesyfeet

    The Cube

    In these strange times I've found myself coming back to an old hobby. I had my first aquarium 17 years ago, and then a 5 year hiatus since 2014. To see all my projects, follow @fishandaquascapes on instagram... I'm now back to 9 aquariums and 4 walstad bowls. 30 x 30 x 30 cm glass cube. I...
  9. L

    Return to Aquascaping (no title yet)

    This is my first tank for a few years. I had a lot of the equipment already,bought for a planned tank a couple of years back that never got started, just waiting for the spark of enthusiasm to get back into it. My first idea was to do a very jungle-y scape but after looking for sources of...
  10. Putney

    My First Tank | 35cm Cube - "Up the Hill"

    I had goldfish in my room when I was a teenager which my parents looked after and I never really appreciated them... Now I'm much much older and having seen the potential of aquascapes from the likes of Cinescaper and Green Aqua with also the range of aquatic plants available, I just had to try...
  11. C

    Kitchen Nano

    Greetings , my name is Cristian , I am 32 years old , I am from Romania , used to live in UK for the last 11 years but returned home 2 years ago. I have kept fishes just for fun , experimenting by myself with all kinds of scapes. Today i will present my curent tank. - Ciano Nexus Pure 25 l (all...
  12. Michael Thomas

    Hello from the North!

    I'm going to assume based on the members map I'm not the only person from the North East, anyway I've always used UKAPS for things like finding reviews and information but finally decided to join and hopefully learn and share my own wisdom. I've been plantkeeping for around a year, and I'm...
  13. goldscapes

    30cm Cube riparium

    So, I have been slowly accumulating the necessary kit for a 30cm cube with hang-on back planted filter for emersed growth. It seems that there are very few fish that would be happy in such a small tank and I am down to a shortlist of a pair of Dwarf Puffers or Asian Stone Catfish (Hara Jedoni)...
  14. CooKieS

    Simple shrimp pico scape

    Hi there, New project, simple scape for shrimps... 8l optiwhite glass cube Led pico by collar aqualighter Hob filter by Sunsun O knott soil Black stone River Wood Dry start with eBay seeds Plants to come: Anubia petite Massimo balls Seeds Ferns Bucephalandra Mini taiwan moss Day one...
  15. robinj

    33L Yellow Cube

    Hi, this will be a journal of my aquarium renewal. I came back to hobby after a few years, when I had 60L tank and full of novice mistakes. So, I decided to try what is somehow mainstream - qood looking small tank, lots of plants, good tech, CO2 etc. I am not into hardscape and nature aquariums...
  16. oscarlloydjohn

    Hello from Bristol!

    Hi, my name is Oscar and I have a 30L Dennerle Nano Cube with 3 Dwarf Puffers. I have been using plantedtank.net for a while now and realised that most of the members are based in America so I have decided to make an account on here :) Here is a picture of my tank which I took recently