1. Ryan Young

    Dennerle Nano cube 30, lighting etc.

    Hey guys. Just purchased a more or less new Dennerle Nano Cube 30 for £50 after wanting something smaller in comparison to my 200l tank, my plan is to keep a few shrimp and hope they breed so they can be introduced to my 200l tank whilst keeping a few in the 30l. I love aquascaping and am...
  2. CooKieS

    New nano cube 20l...'bucetree'

    New tank, new hardscape...first shot; This will be semi low tech; liquid CO2, ada soil, ferts, mid lightning, any advices for plants are welcome! :) Here's my first list: Bucephalandra, Crypto.parva Anubia mini Mosses (fissidens, weeping) Thanks! ;)
  3. Jop371

    My First Planted Tank- Dennerle 20L Nanocube

    Equipment Aquarium- Dennerle 20L Nanocube Light- Dennerle 24W scaper's Light + Dennerle 5.0 LED Heating- Dennere Nano Heater Filter- Dennerle Nano Corner Filter Co2- Tropica Nano system Substrate- Dennerle Scaper's soil Plants All plants are tissue culture plants. Rotala Macrandra Tropica...