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  1. Shoshi Scaping

    EPQ Aquascaping Journal ~ Nature Aquarium

    04.04.2021 Hi everyone, I've decided to start this journal in order to document the process of my latest aquascape. This journal will also tie into a school project that I’m doing called an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). An EPQ is worth 50% of an A-Level and is essentially an essay or...
  2. M

    Critique my hardscape Hardscape Choice - Rescaping

    Hi, I am rescaping my 54 litres aquarium and being a novice I am just so confused :D. I have a black background tank and plan to do a triangle layout nature scape with emphasis on the wood. I got some red moor wood and initially thought of just a wood only layout as such : But I feel there...
  3. M

    The 'Hygge' Space

    Hi UKAPSers, So I am planning to completely rescape my 54 litre (60cm x 30cm x 30cm) low-tech, lightly planted tank to something better. Existing tank: Substrate : Tropica Subtrat topped/capped with gravel Filter : Fluval 106 cannister and Eheim Pickup (used this only temporarily) Lighting ...
  4. IconicHornbill

    First time tank!

    First planted tank, let me know your thoughts! I was told to plant heavily, so I did. Everything's settled in nicely and the shoal of 15 harlequin rasbora seem quite content in their new home, along with zebra nerite snails and amano shrimp. The tank's been up and running for just less than 3...
  5. Nick_593