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new aquascape

  1. Kingyfish1

    My new underwater garden

    Hello everyone So here is my journal following my new aquascape setup. The tank is a superfish home 110 and holds 118 litres. The only extra equipment on the tank is co2 injection via a fe a in tank defuser and seachem matrix in the internal filter. I am dosing every day with a all in one...
  2. Nathanh2150

    New tank what’s everyone’s thoughts

    Work in progress has its highs and lows but completely love how it’s turning out. Any more ideas on plants I should get and equipment 🙃
  3. OhKay13

    Bacterial Bloom/New tank Syndrome

    Ive had my 4 gallon planted tank set up for about a week now and the bloom has gone down a little but my plants, substrate, and hardscape are completely covered in bacterial colonies. Most forums say to wait it out and it will eventually balance out. I ended up adding some ceramic pieces to my...
  4. Aqua Hero

    First month of an aquascape

    So you've planted a bunch of in-virto plants and have flooded the tank. You got the co2 running, lights on and filter flowing. Now what? Currently with my tank, some of the plants are melting back (which is to be expected), the light is on the lowest setting running for 6 hours and co2 is on...
  5. J

    Re-scraping with fully cycled filter - when can I re-add fish?

    Hi guys So I want to re-scape my 120L which has been set up for 6 months now. It has a stock of 20 or so and is filtered by an Oase Biomaster Thermo 350. If I reuse the same filter and media (just un-plug and re-plug within a few hours) and if I reuse some of the gravel and substrate, plus I...
  6. Rob_Planted

    Tank Transformation! House Move! I’m scared but join me for the ride!

    Hi everyone, First journal from a new member so please be nice! Ok so where to start... I have kept tropical fish for 5/6 years now, and my pride and joy at the moment is my Fluval Roma 125L that has been running for 3 years pretty successfully, but with the focus on the fish. I have...
  7. Amn3siac

    Hello from Beckenham!

    Hi all, So I'm a lapsed aquarist, who has been on hiatus for the last few years. I previously had a low tech, no Co2 tank with crypts, swords, Val and Nymphea (https://imgur.com/a/BjofNle). That was very successful (maybe too successful - I'm looking at you Jungle Val!), but now I'm ready, and...
  8. Aronnie

    90x50x45 Fresh Jungle

    Right - after going down the high tech route and ending up not liking my scape/not getting the hand of Co2, I decided to go down the low tech route. Planned it for a good couple of months and went from this https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/first-attempt-at-aquascaping-took-long-enough.36995/...
  9. D

    New Aquascape Best Way To Trim

    Planted my first higher tech aquacape a few weeks ago. The plants are doing well so far and algae is for now at least minimal (may not stay this way but so far so good :). Back ground plants are ludwiga repens, tiger lilly and pogostemon stellatus. The growth is much quicker than in my older...