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new project aquarium

  1. Ullalaaqua

    140l project - Driftwood dominated Nature Aquarium

    Again here sharing my latest project. The tank I’m currently working at is 70x45x45cm. Those of you who have followed my aquascaping journey from the beginning know, that this is the tank where I made my very first aquascape in 2020. This scape is gonna be the second and last one in this tank...
  2. Willage

    500L room divider aquascape

    So, as my steel stand turned up this morning for my rather exciting new aquascape room divider project, I thought I’d start a journal to share the joys and pains of this journey. The aquarium is currently under construction by Aquariums4life and will be 1750mm l x 750mm h x 400mm w. My thought...