new setup

  1. nilknarf

    Hello From nilknarf

    Hi I have been in the hobby for many many and kept planted style aquariums. This is the first time to share my pics thoughts on a forum I am in the process of setting up a new complete set up a 60x40x40 opti white. So thought this time i would share my pictures and my processes. Right or...
  2. adamt4050

    Nano Aquarium with Fluval G3?

    Hello All, I'm thinking of buying a Do! Aqua 25x25x25(cm) Nano aquarium for my desktop and Im just planning everything out and exploring my options - I have an unused Fluval G3 sat in my attic gathering dust, I was wondering if I would be ale to use it on my desktop setup. Obviously its quite...
  3. A

    Stopping CO2 in high tech tank

    Hi guys! I am in the process of setting up a new tank and here's what I have thought 1) I'll buy a 2.5 feet long tank roughly 25g 2)I want dense planting, basically, some swords, crypts, hygrophilias, anubias and fern 3) I want to carpet it with marselia (whichever I can find) 4) T5-40W light (I...