new tank advice

  1. Nathanh2150

    External Filter Help!

    I currently have a brand new BioMaster Thermo 250 it’s going to be used on a Evolution Aqua Aquascaper 900 but from all the comments about it Flow rate I’m now re-thinking of sending it back to either go for the biomaster thermo 350 or biomaster thermo 600 I’m lost on which one to go for I...
  2. OhKay13

    Bacterial Bloom/New tank Syndrome

    Ive had my 4 gallon planted tank set up for about a week now and the bloom has gone down a little but my plants, substrate, and hardscape are completely covered in bacterial colonies. Most forums say to wait it out and it will eventually balance out. I ended up adding some ceramic pieces to my...
  3. Jakub Sobczak

    7 gallon tank fish stocking (New to the hobby)

    I am new to the tropical fish hobby and wanted some advice on my new aquarium. I have done a lot of research but wanted some more opinions specific to my set up. (I know this is a small tank but I don't know if I will be staying in my flat for longer then 1.5 years so didn't want to go...