1. MadMarchMoon

    Hello, I'm Sarah and I'm a schapoholic

    Hello all, I'm Sarah from mid Wales *waves* How is aquascaping so addictive? Sorry this is a long one I've kept fish for many (30+) years, always had plants in my tanks and normally some hardscape. Big tanks, small tanks, made mistakes, learned a lot etc. Fast forward to about 8 years ago...
  2. M

    Hello all from Worcester!

    Hello everyone, I’m new to online forums altogether so not too sure what to expect. A little nervous. I’ve had fish tanks for many years all under 90 litres, no live plants. Not come across too many problems. Although I think I may believe in a lot of misinformation. So that’s one reason I’m...
  3. A

    Brand New Planted Tank - Total Novice so Advice Appreciated

    Hello, I just created my tank last night using the Walstad method (I think). First time doing this and I really hope my plants survive. If they grow nicely I would like to add in some shrimp too. Don't have a filter on it currently because my one has gone walkabouts - was planning on...
  4. Jordimex

    Noob here would like some advice

    Hello my name is Jorge, actually i am a week old in this hobby and fish keeping all together For my tank im not looking to emmulate any particular style im just going freestyle hope it works I have a 65 gal tank, with a aquatop CF400-UV i have no idea what the flow rate is (all i know is that...
  5. Gordon Hawkes

    Some Inital Questions With New Scape - Cycling, Glossostigma, CO2

    Hi everyone, Started setting up a nano tank the other day, here it is this evening: You can see video which documents setup here: - Since the video I've perfected the lily pipe positioning and it's generally a little...
  6. Lukmana91

    Hair Algae or BBA?

    The tank: Light: 54w SIze: 150 L CO2: injected but irregular due to regulator malfunction (is getting it sorted out) FIlter: Eheim Ecco Pro 300 The tank is newly set up and is only around 2 weeks old I was getting this strips of algae on my monte carlo, some folks have said that it is BBA, but...
  7. Aqua Hero

    best method to prim a new fluval 405

    how do you prim a new fluval 405. people say dont fill it with water where other say fill it with water. i honestly have no idea. first time using a canister
  8. Willie B. Thomas

    Help with identifying Algae

    Hello, I need some help from the group to identify some algae that has started to grow in a new aquarium. Maybe more important now can I stop it / kill it! The tank was setup 21 days ago, and for the first 2 weeks I did 50% water changes 2 times a week. I'm using a 50/50 mix of tap and RO...
  9. Willie B. Thomas

    Hello from Berlin

    Hello, My name is Thomas and I've just situp a and tank about 21 days ago. I've been reading this forum for the last week and it's been a great help. Hope to spend more time here learning. Thanks
  10. Suzanah

    New to the planted tank...

    This is my first time trying so here goes. I'm new to the planted tank and I've tried to add easy low care, lower light plants. There's rotala rotundifolia, java fern, some link of anubias and marimo moss balls along with a fairly large piece of driftwood. I haven't added fish yet. It was set...
  11. rustedzeke

    First Planted Aquarium

    This is my lovely 8 day old 100L aquarium - my first attempt at a planted tank! I am extremely pleased with the result. I had an order for a carpeting plant (Eleocharis sp. 'Mini'), which was due to arrive on the day that I started my aquarium, but it has been persistently delayed. Also with...
  12. Lexy

    Watcha' from Dorset.

    Hey all, Like many other posts I've seen on here I've also been 'lurking' for some time. I've been in the hobby for two years and have two tanks. First one being an 'iwagumi' inspired axolotl tank. And the second of which being my new high tech planted iwagumi (upgraded from a ten gal to a...
  13. Fruitflies

    My new Juwel Rekord 800 low tech 'river' scape

    I have been a lurker on these forums for a while now. I have just set up a new tank and I thought I would post it here for some critique. Whilst I have thrown some plants on bogwood in tanks in the past, this is my first proper scape. So here it is on day 1: Left view: Right view...
  14. Reidy

    Hello (North wales here)

    Hi Ok so im new here i am actually a marine fish keeper, i have a nice reef setup and i am thinking of changing to a planted tank set up. I have been reading THIS and other forums exstensively, my tank is 180l and have lighting for a marine tank so ill switch out the bulbs for tropical...