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newbie tank

  1. O

    Super newbie looking for expert advice!

    Hi all! Newbie from Norfolk here! Firstly let me apologise for the lack of knowledge and 'technical terms' .. before this week I had zero knowledge of anything to do with aquariums 🙈 Me and the better half have recently inherited a tank, and last weekend finally got around to setting it up...
  2. Nathanh2150

    Plant advice

    Looking on adding some more plants to my tank what do u think of this selection? 1x Echinodorus ozelot Red 1x Pogostemon erectus 1xAlternanthera reineckii Purple 1xNymphoides spec. Taiwan 1xPogostemon helferi And 5 more Monte Carlo ? Any advice would be appreciated
  3. G

    50litre Planted Dragon Stone Aquarium

    Hello, I'm still a newbie so I have a lot a questions and appreciate a lot your help. I haven't started because i want to know everything I need to know before, i had a 200litre tank in Portugal where I did water changes with tap water but the water was so diferent. My idea is to do a planted...
  4. Bopowarls

    First Aquascape Advice Please

    Hi everyone. I'm about to start my first aquascape project but I'm struggling to get my head around a few bits so some advice would be appreciated. I've taken on some advice already from previous posts so thanks again for that. Tank: Fluval Edge 2.0 23l Style: Iwagumi Lighting - Standard...
  5. goldscapes

    From Cradle to...

    Here goes my first aquascaping journal. Right now it is little more than a twinkle in my eye - I have ordered a second hand copy of Takashi Amano’s “Nature Aquarium: Complete Works 1985-2009” to whet my appetite and I’ll keep this thread updated with my progress. Loads of ideas and no clue, how...
  6. J_rock

    Hi everyone! newbie here from Leeds.

    hey guys, Newbie here from Leeds. I am planning to set-up my first aquarium and while looking for videos in Youtube, i came across with “Aquascape”. It looks fantastic and it inspired me to set-up my first aquascape. Thanks there is a site like this which i believe would be helpful to a...
  7. M

    Leaving the sea to go lowtech and green

    I will start my journal with a misinformed confession; I never thought I would go down the freshwater route as I thought it was boring. I can hear booing and hissing from the seats in the back. ;) I was a marine girl through and through. My saltwater aquarium was my pride and joy, I had LPS, a...
  8. SalvadorNL

    300L hi/med-tec scape (now low tec) For sale!

    Dear Ukaps, 1.5 month ago I introduced myself to the forum. I bought Iain Sutherlands 300L optiwhite tank he used for his barb island, which is absolutely brilliant. Although I haven't posted for 1.5 month I am really grateful for this forum as it is a valuable source of information I...
  9. jimwalsh

    a noob tank "RTFM" trigon corner tank

    gulp here goes my first foray into planted tank land all criticism gratefully received... this is no doubt the start of a series of blunders and miss steps. but its all part of the fun I guess substrate is in with a collection of rocks I am figuring out how to attach various bits and...