1. Smithyithy

    Thoughts on my water parameters

    Hi All, Day 9 with my nano tank, I've just done a test of my water parameters (first one) to see how the cycle is progressing, and I'm not sure what to make of the results: Nitrate - 80 ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm Ammonia - 2.5 ppm pH - 7.2 KH - 150 GH - 180 I am using the API test strips, which I...
  2. jaypeecee

    A Fresh Look At Preventing Algae?

    Hi Everyone! I have just posted on a cyanobacteria/BGA thread but felt it would possibly be useful to also mention it here as the subject matter is of relevance to algae. That way, there are two separate threads. One dealing with cyanobacteria/BGA (the other one) and this one (the one you are...
  3. Crazy_Walrus

    How do plants prefer their nitrogen?

    Do plants prefare amonia, nitraten nitrite or pure nitrogen? EG would the plants benifit more if I used a filter media that turnes nitrates into pure nitrogen that can eb consumed or gassed off?
  4. Daalamist

    What else do I need for fish?

    It’s my first fish tank and it’s a 5 gallon low tech with Tetra plant substrate and will be planting dwarf hairgrass then hopefully introducing small fish. I haven’t added any of these things yet it’s all just rock. I’ve learned a few things to help about fish so far but I don’t want to miss...
  5. Gaina

    What are your nitrate - guzzling plants?

    What are your favorite plants to help control nitrates? I'm having high nitrates at the moment and have ruled out the usual suspects like over feeding, over stocking, filter malfunction, dirty substrate and decaying plant matter (and I'm regular as clockwork with my water changes). I...