no co2

  1. Daalamist

    First aquascape, my plant choices (ok?)

    I have a 5 gallon tank which will be low tech. No CO2 and a clip on led light. I’m not sure how bright it will be but probably low to keep algae away. I have a dimmer that so I can adjust the brightness. I’ve been reading about low tech plants a lot and I think I’ve finally settled on the three...
  2. Marc Davis

    Week 1 Update: Budget, No tech, No Filter, No Heater, No Ferts, No co2: Walstad Method Fish Tank

    Hi guys. Its the end of the first week...well, just over actually. Things seem to have progressed well. Lots of growth and filling out. Water has tinted a bit but thats to be expected with this method. Anyway, here is the video:
  3. Marc Davis

    No Filter, No Heater, No co2, No Ferts. Walstad Nano Fish Tank

    Edit. Thread Bump. Here is the tank now: Hi guys. I set up this tank last night for a long term project. Video explains everything i've done but you can ask me any questions you like. Really fun little tank to make :) I will be doing weekly time lapse videos as updates with key focuses on...
  4. Fiske

    Secret Pond - Paros tank

    I've been alluding to this a few times. Originally this was temporary holding for ???, set up very quickly and thrown on a small stand in our bathroom; back in august last year... Finally got a few days of to muck about with fish stuff, and had planned to move this, and make a permanent home...
  5. CMac

    Biomass - 1 Year!

    Hi everyone, this is just a big info dump at the moment but I'm hoping to keep it up as more of a journal from now on. I started this tank back in August 16, my third attempt (the previous two will not be besmirching the good image of UKAPS). What I took from those attempts was, when it comes to...