1. Phil63

    What have i been growing!!

    Hi Guys, I need some help. I have a high tech planted tank and we've certainly had our ups and downs. Recently (the last 6 months) everything has been fine. I have a large piece of vertical wood positioned in the center of my tank and I had what I thought was some moss growing on the top. It...
  2. Jordimex

    Noob here would like some advice

    Hello my name is Jorge, actually i am a week old in this hobby and fish keeping all together For my tank im not looking to emmulate any particular style im just going freestyle hope it works I have a 65 gal tank, with a aquatop CF400-UV i have no idea what the flow rate is (all i know is that...
  3. Archer

    Came this far

    Hello guys! So I want to share my journey to the hobby about my first planted tank. At the moment, I am waiting for the delivery of my aquarium items. How I came about the things I purchase boils to the issue of space. I live in Hong Kong and as you know, flats and rooms here are practically...