1. SpeedyTheBetta

    (Week 1) Walstad Tank with Speedy the Betta | No CO2, No Ferts & Heater

    Hi there, I am for 6months now into this hobby and i really loved it! I like Natural planted tanks & Provide an ecosystem where plants and fish balance each other's needs. so learned about it and created my planted tank. I use organic soil and gravel, for plants i picked alot of fast growing...
  2. techfool

    Is my windowsill vase doomed?

    I started a 6 litre vase a few weeks ago: Light: sunlight only (you know where this is going already) from sitting on a windowsill that gets good morning sun and catches the mid-day sun just cos that is so powerful. Flora: Brazilian Pennywort, Frogbit, Watersprite, Java Fern, Sag. Subulata...