1. dw1305

    Now is a good time to look for PYO wood

    Hi all, Because we are into a run of stormy weather now is a good time to see if you can pick up some fallen dead Oak (Quercus) branches, or roots from windthrown trees. I keep an eye out for accessible <"Stag-headed Oaks">, like the one below. You won't get any really "twisty" wood, but...
  2. Ryan Young

    Varnishing Oak branches for aquarium

    Hi, Following on from a previous thread which I asked about collecting wood in my local area, I managed to find some very nice Oak branches without bark on. I understand that Oak is a close grain wood so should not get soggy and flake too quickly; however is there any type of clear protective...
  3. MrHidley

    First Low Tech Planted Tank... Now High Tech!

    My girlfriend asked that I set up a scape for the lounge. Because I'm pretty busy and don't have much time for maintenance right now I decided to set up something low tech and easy to care for, this is what I came up with. Having only previously had high tech planted tanks I couldn't believe how...
  4. F

    Build/Buy Oak Stand

    Hi, I'm looking to build or buy an oak stand for a three-foot 200 litre tank. I'm practical and not afraid of building one, but don't have any real experience woodworking and don't have many tools yet, although I can probably borrow a router and tablesaw. The Powers That Be have decreed...