oily surface

  1. jaypeecee

    Does Ferrous Gluconate Cause A Water Surface Film?

    Hi Folks, Whenever I use Seachem Flourish 'Comprehensive' or Flourish Iron, an oily film develops on the surface of the water. Both these products contain ferrous gluconate. Is it reasonable to conclude that ferrous gluconate may be causing the surface film that I am seeing? I will add that...
  2. 2pods

    BBA in Low Light tank

    I have an Interpet Fishpod 120L I've been running for over five years. It has a variety of low/med light plants, gravel, and Mopani wood, which were doing well over all this time, being fed 5ml Neutro daily, along with half a cap of Neutro CO2 daily. Weekly water change is 30-40%. Filter is a...