oliver knott

  1. CooKieS

    Cunzo pico tank, 780ml, mountain

    Hi, Just for fun; Seiryu stone Ada La plata sand Plants to come; Riccardia Aegrophila Anubia micro Cheers
  2. George Farmer

    New Aquascaping book by Oliver Knott and Chris Lukhaup

    Can't find much detail at the moment but photography is by Chris Lukhaup. Definitely one to check out, especially if they do an English translation. Timeline Photos | Facebook Aquascaping: Aquarienlandschaften gestalten: Amazon.co.uk: Oliver Knott, Chris Lukhaup: Books
  3. LondonDragon

    Interesting concept by Oliver Knott

    At Hannover 2013 nano competition! Enjoy! :)