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  1. algae_connoisseur

    Tank prices

    Hi, I was wondering what sort of price I would pay for a 800x400x400mm tank with10mm Optiwhite glass, rimless and braceless, with polished edges? Any ideas and opinions would be much appriciated Cheers
  2. CooKieS

    Simple shrimp pico scape

    Hi there, New project, simple scape for shrimps... 8l optiwhite glass cube Led pico by collar aqualighter Hob filter by Sunsun O knott soil Black stone River Wood Dry start with eBay seeds Plants to come: Anubia petite Massimo balls Seeds Ferns Bucephalandra Mini taiwan moss Day one...
  3. AndyVox

    Emersed start - 80 x 40 x 40 high tech

    Hey, I used to frequent here alot a few years ago before getting pulled into marine for a few years. Due to huge building work at home I closed down my marine tank and have been thankless for the last 6 or so months, then I got the itch to go planted again... So here we are! A few of my...
  4. nilknarf

    Hello From nilknarf

    Hi I have been in the hobby for many many and kept planted style aquariums. This is the first time to share my pics thoughts on a forum I am in the process of setting up a new complete set up a 60x40x40 opti white. So thought this time i would share my pictures and my processes. Right or...
  5. Lauris

    Colisia Vallem (90L)

    Hoi! New project on the way. Will start just with a bit of tech Tank: Optiwhite 6mm, clear seal, (LxHxW) 60x40x40cm, approx90L Light: 2xT5 28w with 1xLED Beamswork 1k Lumens (DIY hang-over) Filter: JBL e1501 Heater: Hydor external, 200w, 16mm Bits: all gass (lily pipes, diffusers) CO2...
  6. k-hult

    ADA or Optiwhite, cant decide :(?

    Hi everyone, i am looking to start up a large planted tank in my room but am having trouble deciding between an ADA tank and a custom Optiwhite tank. The ADA tanks dont come in the optimum size , At least in the UK, i would like, 180l x 60w x 60d, but are a higher quality tank and also a lot...
  7. stu_

    Red Ryuboku

    Tank-Optiwhite 60x41x30 Lights-Arcadia AF128F- 2x15W T8 Filter-TetraTec EX1200 Substrate- Tropica Substrate and Unipac Fiji (coarse) Pressurised C02 Hardscape- Redmoor Plants- 1-2 Stau Repens, 1-2 Lilaeopsis brasiliensis,Hairgrass,Xmas moss,Crypt Amoricum,Crypt Willisii,Crypt...
  8. nduli

    glass thickness - a calculator

    I am currently engaged in debate with 1 custom aquarium builder as they don't appear to want to do my optiwhite in 8mm glass and would prefer to do it in 10mm glass. my tank is 750 length * 500 high * 450 deep they last night quoted me a tensile strength rating of 3.78 on 8mm glass as being...
  9. Ady34

    NAtural Jurassic....shaky video p17.

    Hello, thought it about time i started my new journal....title tbc. After recently purchasing a 100cm x 50cm x 50cm Natural Aquario rimless, braceless optiwhite tank with light unit and stand from fellow member Radik via the forum sales section, i thought id share my experiences. Many thanks...
  10. gary smith

    my new 50 cm cube 2 days old

  11. fish fodder

    ADA aquariums

    Hi guys, I'm toying with the idea of purchasing an ADA 60F.... Now, are they actually worth the extra money? And is optiwhite in general worth it?
  12. George Farmer

    George's TMC Signature

    Hi all, I'm really excited to be aquascaping again for the first time since May last year. I have a TMC Signature 60x45x30cm (clear silicone) with gloss white cabinet. I need to cut out a half moon in the cabinet side for the filter hoses because unfortunately they're not pre-cut. I did...