1. Chris Jackson

    Favourite Takashi Amano Photos

    The late Takashi Amano inspired and popularised the planted aquarium globally to levels never seen previously largely through the power of the superb images of his aquascapes captured with high end large format film cameras. I was inspired to post this as a result of revisiting...
  2. viktorlantos

    Both worlds - aquatic plants

    Cheers to all, Some eye candy to share this time. One of our tanks from the showroom. Above and under water. With 100mm macro the border between the 2 worlds nicely blended :) Green Aqua Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr Green Aqua Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr Green Aqua Showroom by...
  3. Gokul

    Hello from Bangalore, India

    Hi All, Exited to meet you all so here i go with an small intro about myself, "I am a Visual designer and based out in Bangalore, Design as my passion it just comes out to be that colors are my best friends, and the best color i saw through was Planted Aquariums, its just amazing to see...
  4. Richard Dowling

    Bird/Wildlife Photography

    Hi All, Thought Id post here because I know there are a fair few Wildlife photographers amongst us, some of which Im extremely envious of! Assuming all of your work isnt just in your back garden, I wondered if you had any tips on how you approach animals, mainly Birds, Is it always by Hide...
  5. George Farmer

    Flowers in my garden

    Hi all, It was a lovely day so I thought I'd get outside and take a few photos of some of the beautiful flowers I have in my garden. Taken with my new Canon 6D and trusted 100mm macro lens. My favourite is the yellow lily. I think the dark green background contrasts brilliantly.
  6. viktorlantos

    Contest Photography

    As the IAPLC deadline is around the corner i thought i do open a topic on this. ADA published a nice video on photo capturing at least for the basics. You probably seen this before: a week ago or so we also captured one of our tanks. since my partner keymaker (Balázs) is coming from the...
  7. greenink

    'Readymade' aquascapes

    Was flicking through some old photos, and was thinking a thread on 'readymade' aquascapes would be interesting: shots of nature that just look like an aquascape, with the basic proportions of a tank. Here are my best efforts from a while back. (Hope not too familiar to some people on here)...
  8. George Farmer

    Canon 6D

    I think I've found my next camera. I've been longing for a full-frame DSLR for years, and now this one is relatively affordable. Canon 6D Review Almost as good as a 5D3, arguably better than a 5D2, and cheaper than both. Anyone got one or know anyone with one?
  9. greenink

    Lighting set ups for aquascape photography

    Hello. Was hoping people could advise on what the best lighting set-up is for aquascape photography. Have seen a few 'professional' sets like this one for £150 which would give 3 * 200w tripod-mounted flashes as well as a whole load of stuff to put in the attic... and are really quite...
  10. Nick_593

    Advice on photo/ video software for DSLR please?

    Hello everyone. Just bought my first DSLR, and been experimenting a bit today. Could anyone offer some advice on software for photo editing? Preferably best value for money, or even some free photo editing software if there's any out there? *What do most people tend to use? Thanks#!