1. CooKieS

    Cunzo pico tank, 780ml, mountain

    Hi, Just for fun; Seiryu stone Ada La plata sand Plants to come; Riccardia Aegrophila Anubia micro Cheers
  2. CooKieS

    Simple shrimp pico scape

    Hi there, New project, simple scape for shrimps... 8l optiwhite glass cube Led pico by collar aqualighter Hob filter by Sunsun O knott soil Black stone River Wood Dry start with eBay seeds Plants to come: Anubia petite Massimo balls Seeds Ferns Bucephalandra Mini taiwan moss Day one...
  3. Gill

    The Lonely One

    Decided to Start another Pico. Container: Whiskey Tumbler Size: 5*5*5cm Substrate: Play Sand Hardscape: Either Stone or wood depending on what is in my pico hardscape tub. Plants: Marimo Moss, Peacock Moss, Climacum japonicum, and maybe riccia as floating plant. Will put up pix once I have...