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plant help

  1. Nathanh2150

    Tiger lotus bulb advice

    Have had my tiger lotus bulb in my aquarium for around a week now in my tank and the bulb has gone white should I take out of the tank to wash white substance off or remove it completely? I have taken a photo not the best but shows whats happening.
  2. Nathanh2150

    D-D P1 Dosing Pump

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on a dosing pump
  3. O

    Urgent help with my plants!

    Hello guys! All my plants seems to have nitrogen defficiency but my api test show nitrates at 40 ppm - 80 ppm if i dont make water change. i have 6 hour of ligth. High ligth with a twinstar 600EA. Co2 is on 2 hours before ligths and turn off at same time of ligth, always hitting a dark green...
  4. Jonatk

    There's Something Missing. Any Ideas?

    Can I have a little planting knowledge/Ideas please. I am wanting to fill the gap at the rear left of my 275 litre tank. I just planted some Pogostemom Erectus and some Hygrophila Siamensis a few weeks back. My current thinking is that they aren't going to grow big enough to fill this part of...
  5. J

    Advice on First Planted Tank

    I'm totally new to the hobby and am getting my first tank ready to make a start, figured i would do as much research as i can to be as ready as possible. Just wanted to check with the more experienced members of the group that my initial selection of plants would work in my tank 125 litre with...
  6. P


    I have had a 64 litre tank for a few years, and on the whole few problems. I have now splashed out on a Juwel Vision 180. My tank is planted, and I seem to be having issues with plants dying. It has been pointed out me that Co2 is my issue. Needless to say I feel quite thick after been a...
  7. Rob_Planted

    Tank Transformation! House Move! I’m scared but join me for the ride!

    Hi everyone, First journal from a new member so please be nice! Ok so where to start... I have kept tropical fish for 5/6 years now, and my pride and joy at the moment is my Fluval Roma 125L that has been running for 3 years pretty successfully, but with the focus on the fish. I have...
  8. K

    In at the deep end

    Hello Everyone. New member here from Israel. Glad to be on the forum. I've wanted a planted tank for ages now, but finances and other obligations meant it just wasn't feasible. However, I was on my way home yesterday when something caught my eye. I'm always on the look out for useful trash...
  9. ArnoldW

    Pogostemon helferi turning dark/brown

    Hello all, Two weeks ago I re-planted a Dennerle nano cube 30. The plants where all fresh from the supplier when I picked them up at the lfs. As you can see in the next image the Pogostemon is not looking too good. Is it worth waiting to see if it starts to grow again or would it be a...
  10. A

    hi, new to this forum. need help with my plant?

    hi guys and gals, new to this forum. I've recently took a couple of cuttings off this plant and over the past few days it's started going furry? (please see photo atrached) I'm hoping someone here could help me with what this is and what's best to do with the plant? I don't know if it's...