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planted aquarium

  1. L

    BGA, Diatoms, Monte Carlo transition? I'm not too sure what i'm doing wrong here but I do know I need help.

    Hey all, I might be calling this too soon (as I know stabilizing a new tank takes time) but here goes: Started up a new planted tank running just about 3-4 weeks now. Encountering what looks to be patches of blue-green algae, diatoms, buce transition melt and monte carlo transition melt. The...
  2. A

    Black Background vs White/No Background

    I posted this in the aquascaping section and didn’t get any replies, so I’m reposting this here: I'm debating whether to keep a black background on my planted aquarium or completely remove it (or white/frosted). The black background provides a nice contrast but also makes the tank look...
  3. M

    Alum in planted tank (not dipping)

    Hi, I have a newly set up no filter nano tank. The plants I used have hitchhikers populating my nano tank. I am now seeing snails and eggs on my dwarf hair grass. Lots of them!!! A snail population boom! I plan to put in Caridina shrimps but I hold that off due to snails infestation. Has anyone...
  4. MisterrBee

    New Member

    Hi all, I'm new to this site so wanted to introduce myself and my tanks. I have been into aquascaping for the past 4 or 5 years now. I have built 2 nano tanks, one 55 L and one 65 L te get myself into the hobby. Both tanks were without Co2 but i have just pushed the boat out with a huge 550...
  5. V

    Plants melting , need help !!!

    Greetings, I recently set up my 60p with dark start for three week and planted it, it’s been 4 weeks now. I am facing melting issues with some of my plants in the tank. Plants melted in the first week and I thought it was due to Inital ammonia from ADA Amazonia v2, plants recovered after the...
  6. laurenb252

    How would I cycle this small aquarium?

    I’m currently setting up a small aquarium for the desk in my uni room, using a 18cm tall by 14cm wide IKEA vase. I reckon it holds about 2L of water. The plan is to just plant it with some stem plants like Limnophila Sessiliflora, Bacopa Compact and epiphytes. I’d like to put a few small...
  7. joey24dirt

    70L long - it's been a while

    Hi all. I haven't been on here for a number of years. Mostly sold off all the kit I used to have, apart from my 70L long tank. I've had this running for around 8 years now, with various iterations. This is the latest crack at a planted tank. Low tech and hopefully low fuss once it's grown in a...
  8. C

    Is it too late to check if the rocks are suitable for my planted tank?

    I got these rocks from my LFS, the owners said they are safe for aquarium and growing plants etc. However I didn't manage to ask for the name of the rock. Fast forward, I soaked the rocks in hot water for a few hours, and there were obvious red/orange dust/powder thing that came off. Then I...
  9. Nathanh2150

    Struggling to grow anything that doesn't end up having algae issues

    Hi All, For the past couple of mouths now I have been running into so may issues with my plants. when I have purchased new plants I wash them with clean water before adding into the aquarium to get rid of any nasty bugs or algae. once the plants are planted they look stunning in the tank and...
  10. wills wonderings

    My first aquascape 180l

    Hello everyone! I thought I’d join the forum in a little more active way. I recently setup my first aquascape and learned a lot doing so. Equipment 180l Juwel Rio tank Oase biomaster thermo 600 Sicce Wavemaker 1000lph Co2art regulator Co2art inline diffuser sunsun canister booster (converted...
  11. cheesyfeet

    The Cube

    In these strange times I've found myself coming back to an old hobby. I had my first aquarium 17 years ago, and then a 5 year hiatus since 2014. To see all my projects, follow @fishandaquascapes on instagram... I'm now back to 9 aquariums and 4 walstad bowls. 30 x 30 x 30 cm glass cube. I...
  12. Nathanh2150

    Fire extinguisher co2

    Reaching out to those that use co2 fire extinguisher’s on there planted aquariums where’s the best place to buy a 2kg bottle from either online if so what websites also if anyone is local to Norwich where to buy in the city :) much appreciated :p
  13. veerserif

    The Life Aquatic with Snail Zissou(s): my first planted tank

    Well, after months of hemming and hawing, I've started my first ever planted tank. But I'm facing some challenges due to lack of supply and long delivery times due to lockdown... hoping for a turnaround. Tank: Aqueon 29gal (~98L), 30" x 12" x 18" (76 x 30 x 45cm) Light: Finnex 24/7 Planted+ HLC...
  14. F

    Calling all plant experts for my new hardscape

    Hello, Here's my new hardscape. I'm looking for plant suggestions. I'm pretty set on using rotala rotundofolia, Rotala H'ra in the background. With some Proserpinaca palustris in the middle to break the color with another tint. I might be missing some green though? Otherwise, I'm stuck with...
  15. bettaguy

    Day Vs Night setting

    Anyone else have a night time setting? Not for the whole night but for a little while when you want things dark?
  16. bettaguy

    My full set up

    My middle tank just got moved there and needs a permanent light
  17. bettaguy

    When the buce pokes up and out

    Absolutely my favourite picture of my buce! Especially Because of the angry betta in the bottom right hahaha
  18. F

    CO2 And filter recommendations

    I have recently bought a JUWEL LIDO 200 which I have Aquascaped and planted moderately-heavily. I set this all up without considering the need for co2 or perhaps an upgraded filtration system as the one that comes with the tank isn’t good enough and doesn’t look very nice. I have been...
  19. Rob_Planted

    Intro... And advice needed on first planted tank!

    Hi Everyone, This seems like a great community! I have had fish tanks for many years and currently have a Roma 125 that only has a couple of amazon swords and crypts and has been like this for 2 years now with no co2, decent light, ferts etc. I am finally going to be brave and turn this into...
  20. L

    Custom 550L Planted aquarium build

    550L Planted aquarium build We have recently just set up a planted aquarium for our client in London. The client was looking for a heavily planted double island style aquascape in their living space. Any feedback is appreciated (good or bad)!! Thanks all. Aquarium Specs: Tank: 550L or...
  21. H

    First Co2 system - advice?

    Hi all! So I’m looking to purchase my first co2 system for a 15g tank. I’ve found one on co2supermarket which seems to be highly reccomended by the lovely people here on the forum. I just have a few questions before I take the plunge. Firstly concerning the choices for ‘Solenoid Type’. What’s...
  22. P

    Best scissor?

    Hi Guys! I would like to buy a professional scissor. I live in Hungary. There is only one good place in this country, the Greenaqua. I like these products from the shop: https://www.greenaqua.hu/en/ada-do-aqua-do-scissors-s.html https://www.greenaqua.hu/en/oase-hajlitott-ollo-27-cm.html...
  23. Benjamin61

    White leaves

    Hello, I have a problem with my Staurogyne Repens and my Pogostemon helferi. Staurogyne Repens : white spots appear on new leaves Pogostemon helferi : new leaves are white to yellow I have 30 lumens / l (8h per day), my tank is a Aquatlantis Fusion 100 (150 liters real). I fertilize with Easy...
  24. alex08

    Nature's Path

    Following Roots and Grit, Nature's Path will have a more defined hardscape and hopefully i won't let it be covered to much. I managed to get my hands on some more ferns and will also change the lighting and go for led. Equipment : ° Aquarium : home made, 100x55x45cm ° Lighting : 6x39w T5...
  25. AquamaniacUK

    The old forest

    Hi Time to share another assembly. This will be my last assembly made in England. Tank : Clearseal 40x 30x 30 cm aprox. 36 litres Filtration : Dennerle scapers flow Lighting: Chihiros Aquasky 451 (Initially 6 hours, currently 7 hours day) Heating : Fluval mirrored M 200 watts Co2 ...
  26. tblundell

    Leaving planted tank for a prolonged period?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some Advice about leaving my planted aquariums for a prolonged period of time. I have two planted tanks, one 240 L high tech with presurised CO2, high ferts etc., and relatively high fish stocking (mainly rainbows). I also have a 90L open top low tech tank with...
  27. iDigit

    Hardscape wood

    Hello all, I am in the process of setting up a Trigon 190 tank. I have decided on wood as my hardscape base underpinned by some rock. I saw some very nice wood at ridiculous prices at sevceral of my local FS and discovered that the wood was grape vine stems. I have free and random access...
  28. AquamaniacUK

    Stairway to heaven - fluval chi aquascape

    It’s been a while since I posted something here on the forum. So I would like to share a cube aquascape I set up a few weeks ago. The tank Is a fluval Chi. I bought this for 10£ on the festival of fishkeeping. They normally have some good prices during the show, specially on second hand tanks...
  29. makoy lingaro

    5-gallon plant-only Tank: No Title

    Hello! It's been a long time since I've made a journal and I've been pretty much a lurker for most of my visits here in UKAPS. So, this is my 5 gallon standard, braced tank ( I had to remove the brace so that I can place the intake and outflow of my filter). Setup: Tank: 16x8x10 inches...
  30. George Kulangara

    An adventure begins...

    Hi everyone, This is my first real venture into the realms of planted tanks. I have kept plants before in my nano (15 litre) tank but that does not even compare to this project. Before I go off to university next year, my parents had finally agreed to let me set up a planted discus tank for...
  31. Pixel Leaf

    Images for App

    Hello planted tank enthusiast, recently I have taken upon the task of creating an app for planted tank users ( Pocket Scaper) . This app contains a library of plants and information; it also has a tracking system for water parameters. Recently I have decided to add a gallery, but I have no...
  32. Manuel Arias

    Serious problem with a new plated aquarium

    Dear all, First of all, thank you very much for all your comments and support. Even before signing up to this forum, I have been reading you, as many nice advices and comments are found here, so good work done by all of you. I am new in terms of planted aquariums as this is the first tank of...
  33. A

    Help with DSM

    Hi guys, This is probably the best spot on the web for planted tank discussions with most people eager to help us newbies out. I had a thought and wanted UKAPS to help me out. I am planning to DSM HC for my 34g tank(36x12x18). I would carry on with the DSM till I have a desired carpet and...
  34. viktorlantos

    Both worlds - aquatic plants

    Cheers to all, Some eye candy to share this time. One of our tanks from the showroom. Above and under water. With 100mm macro the border between the 2 worlds nicely blended :) Green Aqua Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr Green Aqua Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr Green Aqua Showroom by...
  35. A

    Substrate for low tech planted tank

    Hi guys, I am planning on buying a 29g tank(75cm x 30cm x 45cm) and wanted to know about a good substrate for a low tech tank. No EI or CO2. I am thinking between laterite or indian river sand or ADA Amazonia. I feel I should go with amazonia because the former gave me a lot of trouble while...
  36. Gokul

    Hello from Bangalore, India

    Hi All, Exited to meet you all so here i go with an small intro about myself, "I am a Visual designer and based out in Bangalore, Design as my passion it just comes out to be that colors are my best friends, and the best color i saw through was Planted Aquariums, its just amazing to see...
  37. JCollier420

    Open for criticism.

    First fish tank in 5 years. Im looking for criticism and advice on my tank. Like what other plants to add etc.
  38. Chris25

    Algae Outbreak

    Hi all, My first post here and unfortunately it has to be about the outbreak of algae I'm currently having! I've had my tank setup for around 8 months now, with fish in for around 6 months and up until around 2 weeks ago, virtually algae free! It's a Rio 180L. I have 4 T8 30W bulbs...
  39. rustedzeke

    Water Change Problem

    I am about to start my first planted aquarium in a 100 litre tank. I have experience in maintaining tropical aquaria but I focussed on the fish rather than plants. I have selected some point next week to start up the aquarium, but I recently had a thought; how do I get the water into the...
  40. Kyle Lambert

    Trimmings and cut offs.

    So i couldnt find anything on the forums already and ive only been here five minutes, but i was wondering if people would be happy sending any excess plants they have to people. My tank is only 6 weeks old so im in no position as yet but i know i will have some Cabomba i would be happy to send...
  41. Ady34

    NAtural Jurassic....shaky video p17.

    Hello, thought it about time i started my new journal....title tbc. After recently purchasing a 100cm x 50cm x 50cm Natural Aquario rimless, braceless optiwhite tank with light unit and stand from fellow member Radik via the forum sales section, i thought id share my experiences. Many thanks...
  42. viktorlantos

    Dragon minimal 90P

    Cheers guys. Not had a journal for a long time, but i hope this isn't a problem if i will post one or 2 around these days. Maybe helpful for some as i also got a lot of inspiration here too. This tank was rescaped a few days ago. 90P opti white 90x45x45 Filter: Eheim 2075, Eheim Skim 350...
  43. Ady34

    Fluval Studio 900. Sticks and Stones.

    Hello, following straight on from the brief 'Coastal Erosion' journal, i thought id better begin a new journal for the rescape. After considering a hardscape only set up :eh: .... i came to my senses, and used the plants from coastal erosion to start the tank off. These needed adding to and...
  44. Mark Evans

    saintly's "Autumn Blush"

    my lad is 3 almost 4. i had my 60cm sat in the corner with a box of stone wood and substarte. i put the substarte in and left it. last night i let my little boy have a go at scaping and this is what he came up with. ABSALUTLEY NO help from me, apart from adding the substarte.
  45. Mark Evans

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    So, it's time to get the 120cm out again, but the difference being, it's in someone else's house. my Aunty and uncles to be precise. it's literally 2 minutes from me, so i can treat the tank as if it were my own. it's an impressive house, so i couldn't resist persuading them to have a 4 footer...
  46. Stu Worrall

    90x45x45 "Llyn Peninsula"

    Well, my tank is here at last and im most pleased with it. Its a 90x45x45cm optiwhite on a metalika stand from Aquariums Ltd. Had a wee problem with the original tank which was sorted with no problems by Ray at AQ and to say im happy with it is an understatement. The silicon on these tanks is...
  47. Mark Evans

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Tank Stats. 120 x 45 x 45 240L opti-white substrate, 5 x 10L florabase ferts, EI plants, plenty lighting, 2 x 54wt5 filter, AquaPro NR4 1550lph, korolia no.3 injected co2 via boyou inline diffuser. fish, various.
  48. Mark Evans

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Tank: 120 x 45 x 45 optiwhite from aquariums ltd Lighting: Arcadia 4 x 54wt5 (running 2 x 54t5) Filter: Aquadistri 1500LPH Co2: pressurised via in line diffuser (2 hours before lights on- 2 hours before lights off) Ferts: EI via spoon (dry) Substrate: Columbo flora base x 5 10L Plants...
  49. LondonDragon

    My First Planted Tank (The End) Juwel Rio 125

    Hello everyone, Just thought I would post a few photos of my Juwel Rio 125. I haven't been in the planted scene for too long, I have really started using real plants in the past 9 months, was using mainly plastic before. Started reading the various forums on the web and also asked a lot of...
  50. Mark Evans

    'Blue Sky' Iwagumi ...overgrown

    I'm collecting everything i need for an up and coming journal in my 60cm. A change in substrate, is exciting.(thanks to Aquajardin :thumbup: ) I've used ADA in the past with tremendous results, I'm itching to get this into a tank :D
  51. G

    [IWAGUMI] Scree Evolution - The End

    The [IWAGUMI] Project Scree aquascape has evolved after almost 7 months with the original plant layout. Here's the original thread - viewtopic.php?f=35&t=12095 The hardscape concept, inspired from a mountaineering expedition to Snowdonia, Wales - To final full-tank shot - Keen to attempt...
  52. Piece-of-fish

    NA Style Baby... (Update 24.12)

    Ehehei 777th Journal :) That is what we have managed to do during LFKC meet on Sunday. Huge thanks to all the guys for coming and helping with the hardscape. This would not look as it does without your help and advice. Initially plans were very different but i am very happy how this turned out...
  53. Stu Worrall

    90x45x45cm - 2011 IAPLC entry #577 - The Unknown Valley

    Llyn Peninsula (below) was stripped down this week with much regret but I wanted to have a go of using the black lava rock I picked up from a local quarry a while back. 90x45x45cm ADA Entry 2010 by Stu Worrall, on Flickr This is what ive been working on for the last few days. Lots of prep...
  54. LondonDragon

    Shrimp Tank - Juwel Rekord 60

    Hi Guys, has some might be aware sometime ago decided to setup a shrimp only tank to see if I could breed some cherries and hopefully one day some decent Crystal Reds. The Tank has been up and running for about a month and since over the past week I have noticed loads of little Cherries on my...
  55. Piece-of-fish

    Four Seasons 300L Finish

    Hi, this is going to be a loooooooooong planning... Some of you have seen my recent topic about bottom drilled tanks. Originally i wanted to go for 370L bottom drilled but decided that its a little to big and i dont have enough experience to pull it out yet and that its better to go for...
  56. Ian Holdich

    Aquagreen (the end)

    I thought i'd have a mess around with some hardscape this afternoon, ready for my new scape. The old scape will be shut down next week and i'm away on holiday for a week. I will have my plants on order over the week when i'm away and will be planting on the Friday when i get back. I have the...
  57. G

    [IWAGUMI] Project Scree - New plants and lights

    Inspired by a recent mountaineering expedition to Snowdonia. This is my third attempt at an Iwagumi, and I think it has potential. I think it's the strongest use of hardscape I've used in any design so far. This dry run with the hardscape has been set up in a 60x30x30cm, but I will be...
  58. Alastair

    A Chocolate Puddle -

    Right, thought it was about time I finally start my journal especially after a few people pushing me to start it up. Brownie points to the first person to guess why I chose the name for the journal ( those who know are excluded). Having had so much fun running high tech, there was one tank...
  59. sanj

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    I dont know what to call it, its too early and i think I will only get a real feel of where it is going when im in the tank, bruising my fingers and getting angry at the tree stumps. Hopefully I wont get too frustrated about it and it will manifest itself with ease... hmm. Sanjarami...well i...
  60. BigTom

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    ***WARNING*** This journal is likely to contain any, some or all of the following: mud, dirty glass, terrible typing, horrible crawly things, really boring fish, algae, piles of rotting crap, bad photography, drunken ramblings, non-existent aquascaping, total disaster and complete disregard for...
  61. Stu Worrall

    Stu's 90x45x45 Apalala Shore - IAPLC 2012 #114 - AGA 2012 #3

    Following on from this last scape which to be honest got too grown in. Final photo for IAPLC 2011 - #577 - The Unknown Valley The Unknown Valley Stu Worrall - 90x45x45c IAPLC 2011 - #577 by Stu Worrall, on Flickr Ive now stripped the tank down and started on a new design. this time its...