portugal aquascaping

  1. josepinto

    Better than Nothing

    So i had some free time, and some used stuff around the house. Better than Nothing born from scraps :) Tank: 45cm*45cm*35cm height Pressurized co2 Tanichthys Albonubes Pictures are not the best, ill try to upload new ones soon.
  2. josepinto

    Om Shanti - bonsai

    So my favorite LFS (www.ecoarium.pt) found me a unique old bonsai tree... Looking at that, i realized that this beautiful piece could be almost 80% of a new aquascape with the right rocks and plants! :) Hands on work and here i introduce my recent aquascape "Om Shanti". Tank: 45cm*45cm*35cm...
  3. tmiravent

    Hello from Lisbon|Portugal

    Hello everyone, I'm Tiago from Portugal. Here is my system with 2 aquariums (they are connected and share the same water system). The big One (on the right) Glass | EHEIM 200l + Stand DIY [100cm x 40cm x 50cm] Eheim 2211(lift water up to refugium) Eheim 2215 + Eheim 2215 Weipro MX1019 +...
  4. Miguel Reis

    Hi everyone!

    Hi ukaps members! I'm Miguel Reis, a portuguese aquascaper and I'm registered here since 2009 but only as looker until now. I'm one of the fantastic four (ehehe) aquascapers from the Aquascaping Marathon at Aquaeden Portugal 7 September Event Topic that you can find at Events, here in...