power head

  1. Majsa

    From skimmer to power head

    I am thinking of replacing the Eheim skimmer in my 175L Eheim Proxima (70x50x50cm) with a power head, but I am unsure about the l/h I need. I used to have surface scum and got used to running the skimmer 24/7, so I don't even know if it would be there. Anyway, hoping that scum wouldn't be an...
  2. S

    Under gravel

    Can under gravel filters be made to work in a tank with few fish and shrimps? I'm thinking of different layers of the right substrates, a power head etc. I like the unobtrusive nature of these filters. I suppose I am talking extremely low tech. It needs to be a simple set up as SWMBO is a...