1. N

    Diatoms, diatoms, diatoms!!!!

    Hi guys. Firstly I am new to this lovely hobby and what a hobby it is! Had my 110l scape set up for three months now and I've suffered with diatoms for atleast 6 weeks. I dose tropica specialised 1 pump a day, I would say its a low energy system however the plants haven't really responded well...
  2. algae_connoisseur

    Advise needed on Bubble counter water

    Hi, iv kept tanks a long time, through the years learnt a lot through trial and error. I don't consider myself a guru I'm still learning as we all are. Recently I encountered a problem with melt. Literally every plant was affected and I had not changed my routine for years I was puzzled... I...
  3. aaron.c

    Struggling a bit - can't work out why

    Howdy All I have a Rio 125 High Tech and I am really struggling. I think I have got everything right, but the plants tell me otherwise. I am after some ideas of where I might be going wrong and what I should try next. Please forgive the long post, but want to make sure I get everything in...