1. jaypeecee

    Why Advise A 1pH Drop?

    Hi Folks, I don't understand why a 1pH drop is advised when setting up a profile for injected CO2. For example, if the water KH is 4dH and the starting pH is 7.3, the CO2 concentration will be approximately 6 ppm. But, after a 1pH drop to 6.3, the CO2 concentration will be a staggering 60 ppm...
  2. Solex

    Another PH/KH/Co2 ppm Profile question

    LED lights are on for 9 hours at maximum 40% of their capacity. KH color test (with a Sera drop set), color change at the 7th and sometimes 6th drop, tap water is at the 8th. Water temperature 22.5-23C. These drop tests are not very accurate!! PH (Sera drop test set) 08:00 >7 14-21 ppm (KH7...