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  1. Chris25

    EcoTech Vectra M1

    Hi all, I have an EcoTech Vectra M1 and I think the o-ring is causing me issues and needs to be replaced. I can't find this anywhere online though, but I would have thought this would be something that needs replacing periodically? I had an issue last night where the pump turned on but made a...
  2. aaron.c

    JBL Cristal Profi 1501 and External Reactors

    H Guys I have a JBL Cristal Profil e1501 in my Rio 125. I think the flow is pretty good for the most part. I have an issue with my CO2 though. I can not stand the misty lemonade look and want to replace the UP Inline Diffuser (which I find very unreliable) with an external reactor. Some...
  3. jagillham

    GUIDE: Auto Dosing EI (Estimative Index) With Jebao / Jecod DP Series

    Auto Dosing EI (Estimative Index) With Jebao / Jecod DP Series (DP-3) The DP series of peristaltic pumps by Jebao / Jecod offer a cheap and reliable way of automatically dosing pre mixed Estimative Index (EI) fertilisers to your tank. There are various offerings in the series, the number at the...
  4. tubamanandy

    Jebao's DP-2 Doser Setup

    Just setup my Jebao DP-2 twin pump doser to dose Macro/Micro on alternate days (small tank 30ml of each/day) for high tech CO2/LED setup. Initially, when programming it, I set it on manual by mistake......well at least it primed the pipes/pump and showed it worked ! I've got the unit sat under...
  5. Zak Rafik

    Can Seachem Excel be stored in a clear ADA bottle?

    Hi Everyone, I have an empty 500ml ADA Brighty K bottle. It says one push of the pump dispenses 1 ml. Since my daily dosage is 2 caps (10ml total) of Excel, I'm thinking of storing the Excel in the ADA bottle and just pump 10 squirts of it to the tank. This would be less messy and fast. I...
  6. nduli

    pump from a jerrycan

    guys considering going the full RO route on my main tank one major consideration is the water changes. I do RO on the nano tank at the moment and can cope with the pre-mixing, bucket route but for the main thats too messy and too timing consuming so I am considering a more automated route...