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  1. Geoffrey Rea

    Quarantine procedure. Thoughts?

    Hello. I’m looking for people’s thought’s regarding quarantine procedures for introducing new fish. Specifically I’m looking for a rationale behind any actions taken and wanted to know what others have found to work for them. Assuming your quarantine tank/tanks are entirely separate from all...
  2. Bumblefish

    Severe Ich Infestation In Planted Tank With Clear Silicone Joints And Inverts

    Hi guys. New to forums etc. Live a bit off the grid! Tank started 4 months ago. Cardinals, rummynose, saes, ottos, amanos, rcs and some ramshorn snails. All was going well. Plants had settled in nicely and then I saw a golden nugget plec (my favourite) for the first time in 15 years at a lfs in...
  3. Zak Rafik

    Quarantine tank with an expensive dead fish. :(

    Hi Everyone,:) I need your input and advice on how to go about setting up a quarantine tank and maintaining it when the fish are inside. I bought 2 Zebra Otos (Zebra Otocinclu) and 4 Assassin snails for my planted tank and so I decided to quarantine them. I have taken a photos of my...