1. Glenda Steel

    Advice on temporary homing fish/inverts

    I am planning to re-scape our tank but will need to have temporary accommodation for the fish (5 Endler's Guppy, 1 Danio, 5 Amano shrimp and 5 Nerite snails. I was already thinking of setting up a second tank and thought that this may be a good temporary home. I envisage it will take a couple...
  2. J

    Re-scape of aquarium, before and after

    After a few years with the old set up (capped soil, jungle style) I felt the substrate had run it's course so bought some aquasoil, some new wood and a few different plant species, and re-did the scape. The new scape is based on James Findley's "Nature's Chaos", except I note that his tank that...
  3. Mark D

    Rio 400 upgrade and refurb project

    So the time has most come to start the refurb and upgrade on the Rio 400. 4 years ago it looked like this: However today it looks like this: I had been considering a refurb and upgrade for some time, but recent equipment failures have moved things along (first a heater failed on and cooked...
  4. J

    330l rescape (sandy outcropping)

    Hi all, Spent a few hours rescaping my hi-tech, heavily planted and high maintenance 330l to something less intensive and more manageable. Due a lack of facilities to re-home the livestock whilst rescaping, the change was carried out in a 1/4 full tank which, as it involved a 90% substrate...