re scape

  1. Conort2

    Re-scape issues

    Hi guys looking to rescape my tank soon however I have a bit of an issue. The tank is full of shrimp, tangerine tiger and orange sakuras of all different sizes. The fish won’t be an issue to catch and store in a container but what can I do about the shrimp, I can catch the bigger ones but there...
  2. Mark D

    Rio 400 upgrade and refurb project

    So the time has most come to start the refurb and upgrade on the Rio 400. 4 years ago it looked like this: However today it looks like this: I had been considering a refurb and upgrade for some time, but recent equipment failures have moved things along (first a heater failed on and cooked...
  3. ale36

    Thinking about an Overhaul!

    hello all, i have had my juwel tank set up as its is for the past 3 years, i have had different plants in it through out the years, i'm getting a little bored of this scape but more i'm getting jealous of other peoples escapes, it currently houses 2 boesemani rainbows and a Plec which loves to...
  4. Daz2162

    Tank move + rescape

    Hi guys, need a bit of advice please. In a couple of weeks time, possibly just one week time my tank has to move as were having a new carpet put down, and i thought to myself, what a great time to have a rescape. I read an article on badmans about a house move and what to do but i dont...