1. Aquarium_scape_n_fish

    Co2 bubbles per second in a reactor

    I have just converted from using an in tank diffuser to an external reactor to mix my co2 and eliminate the fizzy look. Using the diffuser, my pressurised sodastream system ran at about 2 bubbles per second and turned the drop checker to an ideal lime green. Now I have the co2 running at 3...
  2. L

    CO2 Reactors vs Diffuser for large aquarium

    Hi All, I am new to this forum but I have been directed here for some useful advice. A little bit of research: I would like peoples opinions on CO2 reactors and Diffusers (ceramic) and which would be better for a large 6ft aquarium. I have read multiple threads on different forums, some...
  3. Cor

    which diffuser/ atomizer/ reactor?

    In my run for a new nano tank (30L) I have some stuff to buy. So I've got myself a Dennerle CO2 Primus 160 set, 500 g disposable bottles, with a Mini-Flipper. But this flipper is one ugly thing and oversized for my nano. Is it possible to use another diffuser / atomizer / reactor? I suppose...
  4. dmachado

    CO2 dissolution rate vs. saturation etc

    There is something going on with my CO2 system I'd like to see explained f possible. I have set up a system which uses DIY molasses and yeast CO2 bottles, 6 of them, controlled by a solenoid. The system shuts off on lights out, but of course the yeast keeps producing CO2. The molasses...
  5. Zak Rafik

    Changed to a Sera Co2 Reactor 1000. Gave up on inline diffuser for my planted tank.

    Hi everyone, It has happened again. :eek: First I noticed my plants shedding its leaves and then a sudden burst of green spot algae on most of the plants. Having experienced this a few weeks ago, I noted that the size of Co2 bubbles from the inline diffuser via the spraybar were bigger than...
  6. Tomfish

    Little bubbles and fully enriched water

    I started my first planted tank about 7 months ago and apart from a brief positive experience and for reasons i'm not too clear on (definitely co2) my tank started to decline. A slow process of browning and negligible growth. I added new plants with the same results (it's not cheap replanting a...