red algea

  1. Timbuck2

    What is this type of algea please

    Its the burgundy red balls they are spreading all over my stones and wood. Please help thanks
  2. J

    Is this an algae or something else? Kind of red algae?

    Few weeks ago I had an outbreak of GSA in my planted tank, it is now disappearing but on the Seyru stones I am getting kind of red / burgundy color, velvet like coating. I thought these were either a dying algae or kind of remnants of BBA. But it does not die and it keeps slowly spreading? Does...
  3. tmiravent

    Is this algae?

    Hi everyone, can you ID this? [the red part on top of green leave] Is growing in the emersed part of the Mini Bolbitis (this leaves will died eventually, i believe... ) Thanks