red moor wood

  1. Gill

    Insularium - My Take on that

    Tank: Ciano Tartarium 40 = 40*25.6*16.9cm Filter: APS 300 HOB With Prefilter Sponge. Heating: Interpet 15w Slim Card Heater Lighting: Waterhome 9W and JBD 9W LED Substrate: Wet for something contrasting - so a Orange/Red Sand Hardscape: Seiryu Stone covered in Various Moss and Stems. Wood Used...
  2. Glenda Steel

    Our very first tank - the Fluval Edge 46 litre!

    I am hesitant in posting these photo's at all as there are so many expert tanks on show here, but I hope you'll forgive the novice blunders (and my terrible photography)! Our tank is as follows: - Tank: Fluval Edge 46 litre (12 Us gallons), no additional lighting but an E series Fluval heater...