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red plants

  1. algae_connoisseur

    Chihiros vivid 2 and red plants @ George farmer

    Hi all, firstly, George if you are reading this I researched this light and others similar to it and made my decision. The review video you posted had a small sway on this decision so I do not hold responsible at all for my issue in any way, but I’m hoping you or someone may have the key. I...
  2. I

    Help with ludwigia and another reddish plant

    Hi all, this is my first post on the forum, I'm looking for help with my planted tank, I live in Cuba and I don't know the name of most of the plants, but all seem to be doing ok, the thing is I recently bought a little ludwigia plant and want to know what parameters do I need for it to grow...
  3. GreenGrow

    Lighting Issues specifically with Red Plants

    Hi there all! I'm in need of the UKAPS knowledge base again... A while ago I attempted to have a lovely colorful tank filled with a variety of pinky-red's like rotala rotundifolia and flat out natural red plants like alternanthera reineckii mini. I understand that maintaining red colours in the...
  4. Antoni

    Antoni's 60 cm scape - Autumn déjà vu

    Hi guys, its been awhile since I have taken down the Lonely mountain and is time for new venture :) I have played a bit with the hardscape to decide what style of aquascape I want and I came up with those 2 hardscapes: Seiryu stone mountain hardscape: And wood scape, with some...
  5. T

    The answer to redder plants?

    Was reading George Farmers iwagumi journal, located here: [IWAGUMI] Scree Evolution - The End | Page 6 | UK Aquatic Plant Society The problem he had is that his Ludwigia arcuata wouldn't go red... so it got me thinking. I searched other forums and most people say correct ferts, high lights...