redmoor wood

  1. Crawdaddy

    CD's 60cm

    Latest FTS (Week 8): Latest Spec: Tank: ADA Cube Garden 60P (60x30x36) Lighting: BOYU luminaire unit with 2 x 24w T5 on 6 hours per day Co2: Pressurised disposable welding bottles. Co2Art dual stage regulator with adapter. Solenoid valve set to come on at 7 hrs before lights on and 1 hr before...
  2. Bradleyh91

    Signature Puffer Paradise

    Thought it was about time I write a journal for this tank as it has been up and running now for about 4 months so here goes. I decided to put this tank together for my dwarf puffers as they were starting to outgrow the previous home. Details are as follows: Tank TMC Signature 450x450x300...
  3. Brian Murphy

    Redmoor DSM Jungle

    So I started this tank back on the 9th June (can't believe it's been that long) and have had some set backs with some plants not doing so well due to soil burn (I presume) and have changed things around a little. Basically this was an experiment to see what I could grow DSM and I tbh I wasn't...
  4. Aqua Essentials

    Check these pieces out

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