1. Alastair

    Twin Specs

    Whilst my big tank is growing in in the back ground I thought I'd get another journal going purely for shrimp and maybe a couple of my paros in one.. So I've gone and got 2 fluval spec 19litres to try and scape up which I thought would be a fun challenge. Both will be on opposite sides of the...
  2. steveno

    My first Shrimp Nano - First Baby shrimplets!

    Hello all, With my other current scape (‘my new half Iwagumi scape’ – should prob. rename thou!) taking shape, needed a new project, it took quite a bit of persuading the misses but today my new nano tank arrived, hooray!:) Dennerle 30l nano tank – Complete set (which complete with pretty...
  3. Matt Warner

    Redmoor Rio Low Tech

    Hi all, I thought I would start my first journal on here as I have never got round to doing one before. The tank is a juwel rio 125 which I've had set up as a high tech co2 tank for the last few years. I have recently moved house, so I decided to completely rescape and go low tech as I will have...