1. Alejandro

    remineralization of RO water for CRS

    Hola, I need to prepare water for CRS with a KH 0-1. My problem is that tap water has a alkalinity = 545 mg/l = 30,5 KH. Then I use RO water. Adding to RO water, CaCl2 and MgSO4, I can increase the GH. I need to add other salts to the health of the shrimp?
  2. akbar19942k10

    New to Reverse Osmosis

    Hi guys, I'm from London and I'm planning to pick up a RO unit from Osmostic UK for my German Blue Rams and Discus hardscape only setup. I'm currently in limbo as to whether to pick up the 3 stage freshwater unit without the deionising chamber or whether to go for the full monty 4 stage unit...
  3. W

    DIY GH / KH Booster? Re-mineralizer. Exact chemicals, grade and dosage?

    Trying to make my own GH and KH booster. My specific use is to remineralize R/O water for some shrimp tanks. So I've done some searching and came across these threads on the same topic, but I only know a small amount on chemistry so I just wanted to get some clarification...