1. CooKieS

    FireAqua 17l nano low tech 31x21x26cm

    Hi there, Starting a New journal as this nano used to be my epiphytes nursery and I've décided to scape it and Host some fishes in it. Here it is After rescaping , don't mind the pale kessai Wood that is just in, it will be as dark as the river wood in some weeks. Specs: Fireaqua 31x21x26cm...
  2. Tom43

    River Eco-Systems Video

    I came across this video by Dr Anne Jefferson who runs the Water Hydrology Unit at Kent State University. Thought it was worth a share for those who've not seen it. She has a great blog as well.
  3. Alex Holgate

    New to Planting and need help selecting lighting

    Hi guys Firstly thanks for having me on your forum! I love aquascaping, and I have already seen some beautiful tanks in just a few short minutes of being here! I have an interpet river reef 94L aquarium and I want to make it planted, however I think the lighting currently isnt sufficient...
  4. Chris Jackson

    The Lazy Asian Biotope

    Hello, Lazy revamp time for a very old 4x2x2 tank. It may seem strange but I have not done a full re-scape with new substrate in well over ten years...! In 2003 it was like this.. For IAPLC 2006 I got a pleasing #299th for this.. Since then it's waxed and waned in different forms...
  5. S

    "Natural" water

    I fly fish for trout, they are very sensitive to water quality. The lakes I fish are gin clear and the one river is a classic chalk stream with a good flow. Is such water useable in an aquarium? Tom
  6. AnnLupeT

    Where I got my plants

    Hi! i just wanted to share how some aquascapers propagate their plants here in the Phil :D I envy them for living next to river :D I'm planning to have a pond like that too :D https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=878345038858294&set=o.522633677814753&type=3&permPage=1...
  7. DanV

    3ft Hillstream Tank

    This is my second post here. I have introduced myself. This thread is about my 3ft hillstream tank. Specs to follow: Size: 3ft - 100l Filtration: 1200lph powehead with internal manifold and sponge filter, 3000lph wavemaker and a Aquaclear 300 HOB. Light: 2X T5's Substrate: Pool Filter Sand...
  8. Fruitflies

    My new Juwel Rekord 800 low tech 'river' scape

    I have been a lurker on these forums for a while now. I have just set up a new tank and I thought I would post it here for some critique. Whilst I have thrown some plants on bogwood in tanks in the past, this is my first proper scape. So here it is on day 1: Left view: Right view...
  9. iPlantTanks

    Fry in the Stream

    Most of my plants came today so could help starting this journal. I'm converting my bare bottom fry tank into a mini aquascape, and for a change I've gone for a stream/river look. I've ordered some lovely looking sumatran driftwood that look like fallen branches and roots. A mixture of java and...