rock layout

  1. enviroman

    Dennerle 30 litre nano

    Here is my initial hardscape for my nano dennerle tank. I’ve spent ages balancing the rocks, gluing them where necessary and filling in all the gaps to stop the soil getting through to the sand. Have temporarily filled it with water to see if any sloping soil rolls down/filters through gaps ...
  2. Aqua Hero

    Brown rock for aquuascaping

    i wanted some suggestions on some brown rocks i could use for a new scape am planning
  3. terry82517

    1st iwagumi attempt....

    After a year playing with easy growing plants in a rio 180, the time has come for my first iwagumi tank... Asking a few questions and reading (a lot) in the forums taught me a lot and by the time I shut down that tank I had it full with healthy java fern, valis, swords and and big riccia carpet...