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  1. MMonis

    Critique my hardscape Hardscape Choice - Rescaping

    Hi, I am rescaping my 54 litres aquarium and being a novice I am just so confused :D. I have a black background tank and plan to do a triangle layout nature scape with emphasis on the wood. I got some red moor wood and initially thought of just a wood only layout as such : But I feel there...
  2. J

    Where do you get your Rocks from?

    Just wondering what places you use and recommend for getting small boulders, rocks, cobbles, stone from for your aquariums?
  3. Daalamist

    Critique my hardscape 5 gallon tank rock positioning(pics)

    Hi. I’m working on the hardscape for my first nano tank. I gathered some rocks from the beach and this is how I positioned them but I’d like opinions before I glue it. I’m Planning on sloping my soil up toward the back left to cover the base stones. I’ll be keeping it quite simple and safe with...
  4. Richard Swales

    Iwagumi Layout

    Hi, Picked up some rocks for my Sanzon Iwagumi today, pretty happy with them, but can't decide on a placement layout. I liked this one (see pic) but something just isn't quite right, can any body spot something that might help me? Perhaps I need more rocks to go with these three, possibly...
  5. Richard Dowling

    Jade Mountain - 60x45x30

    Hi All, Here is my new scape which has been going a month now. Im having problems with green spot algae on the rocks. Im thinking of going back to EI salts and making sure phosphate is in there. The current method (whilst being nice and lazy) doesnt seem to be doing the problem much good...
  6. Smells Fishy

    New 200L Tank Pictures: From Start To Finish.

    I needed help carrying that up 3 flights of stairs it was super heavy. Its the biggest tank I've ever owned. I started off with a 60L then went up to 2 100L's and now I have graduated this. It was a mission just getting the wrapping off. It was hard getting the cardboard off aswell. This...
  7. Ryan Young

    What top layer to use with Tropica AquaCare Plant Substrate??

    Hey, thanks for reading. Basically I want to use Tropica AquaCare Plant Substrate as a bottom layer as it seems to be a cheaper and reliable bottom layer, I am using a brown/red rock, what top layer should I use on a cheaper budget? Please attach pictures or links if you can.
  8. Ryan Young

    Choosing rocks for a hardscape, help?

    Im planning on doing a 200 liter aquascape and need rocks for the hardscape. I have done a planted tank with some rocks I bought from an aquatic store but was wondering if I could go out foraging for them rather than paying £50+ for the amount I need. I tried to find out from my local aquatic...
  9. Kyle Lambert

    rocks that soften water?

    Hey there ladies and gentlemen. Im looking to get back into the game soon (and have eyed up a freaking lovely 135l tank with which to do so) and i have the misfortune of living in a hard water area. If i could afford the RO kit id be going for it without question but its not an option for me. I...
  10. LukeDaly

    Aquascaping assistance

    Hey guys I am looking for some comments on my current hard scape (no plants ordered yet). Be as truthful as you can :) if you think it looks rough be sure to let me know, and let me know what you would change personally! I personally dont think it looks quite right yet but cant seem to put...
  11. AshRolls

    Serpentine Rock - Asbestos?

    I have picked up some beautiful rocks for use (hopefully) in my aquarium but am looking for advice to if they are suitable with regards to the water chemistry. The rocks are lizardite variety serpentine that I picked up from the Lizard peninsula here in Cornwall. More in depth information can be...