1. M

    Plants Yellowing and Failing to Thrive in High Tech Setup

    My 8 month old UNS 60U, has been troublesome for the start as the plants are failing to thrive and are yellowing, displaying some sort of deficiency. Further the weak plants are attracting brown algae and cyanobacteria. I've been working to solve this issue and get my plants healthy and thriving...
  2. Kalum

    The Island - ADA 75P - Tropica Feature results

    This has been a few months coming after my barn find of a tank earlier this year, so I’ve been playing with ideas and stockpiling hardscape since and waiting till I had more time to get this set up. A return to high tech and my first proper attempt at a fairly high light tank. Tank – ADA 75P...
  3. maboleth

    Dark spots (holes) on Rotala rotundifolia... ?

    Some leaves on my Rotalas feature holes/dark spots. Usually on older leaves, but newish growth have them as well, after some time. The issue isn't big, plants appear healthy overall, but still it's the only plant showing any kind of weakness. Water parameters: N: 10-15 P: 1.5 K: 15...
  4. oscarlloydjohn

    Nano tank plant suggestions

    I'm struggling with these swords in my tiny tank. Absolutely no idea why I bought such a large plant for such a small tank. It was in the early days of the tank and I had basically no knowledge or experience. I can't get them to grow properly; they have always had some kind of deficiency which...
  5. jameson_uk


    I have 2x45W T5 tubes in my 180l tank which are on 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening (recently switched from 2x3 hours). Tank is low tech and I have been dosing Flourish once a week and putting some Tropica root tabs under the swords, crypt and vals. Some plants are doing well...
  6. Gill

    Insularium - My Take on that

    Tank: Ciano Tartarium 40 = 40*25.6*16.9cm Filter: APS 300 HOB With Prefilter Sponge. Heating: Interpet 15w Slim Card Heater Lighting: Waterhome 9W and JBD 9W LED Substrate: Wet for something contrasting - so a Orange/Red Sand Hardscape: Seiryu Stone covered in Various Moss and Stems. Wood Used...
  7. Harplow

    My first time

    juwel vision 450 lt planted out November 2014 , took this Jan 2015
  8. greenink

    259L bookcase rebirth

    Starting my second tank... Journal will be a slow build as am waiting for various pieces on order. But I’ve learnt that planning things properly, and taking time to get it right, is the best way to go. Hoping for help in thinking it through! Comments and advice on my other journal have been...