1. Spu34dd

    Crypts not growing nicely

    Hi All I have some crypts (I believe the are wendtii) they are growing quite rapidly around my tank as in many runners, but they dont seem to get taller and thicker. The strange thing is when i first bought it, it didnt run at all and grew very thick and was lovely, now its had a change of...
  2. Christos Ioannou

    MC: to trim or not to trim?

    hi after much effort I managed to get my mc going. struggled with this... :oops: and now got this :D while it slowly covers the substrate to a full carpet some patches are empty others are dare I say thick. so, will a trim promote runners (faster cover) and help maintain a healthy mc or...
  3. Zebra Fish

    how to encourage runners??

    I’ve had jungle vallis for absolutely ages (or it feels like it) I’ve got about 5 stems of it and 3/5 grows absolutely monstrously (like I never have a water change and not thought that I need to cut that back) and from those 3 plants that are growing like crazy I kind of expect them to be...