1. C

    Kitchen Nano

    Greetings , my name is Cristian , I am 32 years old , I am from Romania , used to live in UK for the last 11 years but returned home 2 years ago. I have kept fishes just for fun , experimenting by myself with all kinds of scapes. Today i will present my curent tank. - Ciano Nexus Pure 25 l (all...
  2. GreenNeedle

    Where have all the hedgerows gone - 30 litre Opti-white

    Technical Specs: 30 litre Opti-white aquarium (L 40cm, H 30cm, D 30cm) Fluval U1 Internal filter BeamsWork 9 x 1W LED Clip on luminaire (2 hours morning, 5 hours evening) No heater or filter Fertilisation 1.5ml Lush Max weekly Plants: Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo', Ammania Bonsoi, Staurogyne...
  3. SalvadorNL

    300L hi/med-tec scape (now low tec) For sale!

    Dear Ukaps, 1.5 month ago I introduced myself to the forum. I bought Iain Sutherlands 300L optiwhite tank he used for his barb island, which is absolutely brilliant. Although I haven't posted for 1.5 month I am really grateful for this forum as it is a valuable source of information I...