1. P

    Best scissor?

    Hi Guys! I would like to buy a professional scissor. I live in Hungary. There is only one good place in this country, the Greenaqua. I like these products from the shop:
  2. Aqua Essentials

    More deals til October

    coming thick and fast atm 10% off Superfish Scissors and Tweesers but only til the end of this month
  3. George Farmer

    Moss trimming, no mess - now with video

    Hi all, I love moss. Only recently have I used it properly in aquascaping and I've realised the biggest PITA for me with it is dealing with the trimmings. They usually sink to the bottom of the tank and require siphoning. Any leftovers usually get entangled with carpeting plants and end...
  4. terry82517

    Cheap twezzers

    Anyone had any experience with the cheap £3/4 long tweezers & sissers that Are on eBay from Asia? Are they any good or cheap crap? Cheers