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  1. oscarlloydjohn

    Recharging purigen question

    Just tried to recharge my bag of purigen for the first time, left it in half bleach half water for 36 hours. Should the purigen become white again? I haven't seen much of a colour change since I put it in there even though I have been stirring it occasionally. Cheers Oscar
  2. jaypeecee

    Does Ferrous Gluconate Cause A Water Surface Film?

    Hi Folks, Whenever I use Seachem Flourish 'Comprehensive' or Flourish Iron, an oily film develops on the surface of the water. Both these products contain ferrous gluconate. Is it reasonable to conclude that ferrous gluconate may be causing the surface film that I am seeing? I will add that...
  3. oscarlloydjohn

    Favourite trace fert

    I'm interested to know your chosen trace fertiliser. I'm considering switching as I don't like the one I am currently using (APFuk trace mix). I'd assume most of you are dosing EI levels? Tropica, ProFito, Flourish? Chelated trace powders? Oscar
  4. Phantom

    dosing problem

    Set up 29.9. 2015 The tank 80X35X40 cm, 112 l (optiwhite) Cabinet 80X35X80 cm (ADA style) Lighting 4AQUA 4X24W T5 (33 cm above tank), Giesemann Aquaflora and Giesemann Midday Filters Eheim 2324 thermofilter (Eheim mech, Seachem matrix, Seachem purigen, blue and white pad) CO2 4 kg set...
  5. Natureaddict

    Seachem Range Help

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this site and after reading the wealth of information on this site, I was hoping to get some advice on fertilization. I will soon be setting up a planted tank, using an ADA aquasoil, and ADA Powersand Special system. I was hoping to use the ADA...
  6. Alastair

    Twin Specs

    Whilst my big tank is growing in in the back ground I thought I'd get another journal going purely for shrimp and maybe a couple of my paros in one.. So I've gone and got 2 fluval spec 19litres to try and scape up which I thought would be a fun challenge. Both will be on opposite sides of the...
  7. John P Coates

    Seachem Fe Test Kit

    Hi Folks, Yesterday, I bought a Seachem iron test kit. Today, I tried to use it but ran into difficulty with the instructions. As this forum is the UKAPS forum, my guess is that some people use/have used this specific kit as it is relevant to planted tanks. If there is anyone out there, please...