1. Ray_Norwich

    Feedback First visit to AG

    First visit to aquarium gardens on Tuesday and wasn't disappointed, well worth a visit. Great range of hardscape, plants and everything needed to create and manage a great planted tank. Many thanks to Dave for the help, advice and coffee, great to see the display tanks up close. I left with a...
  2. Aqua Hero

    where to buy pygmy hatchet fish in london?

    does anyone know where i can buy pygmy hatchet fish in london or any online uk site?
  3. Kyle Lambert

    potential job for a fish shop. what sort of salary should I expect?

    Ive applied for a management position at a fish shop in my local area. They deal in everything fish related but also have a small mammals and bird section. They have two shops. One in my local area and another about 60 mikes away in London. I will be expected to travel to and manage both stores...
  4. George Farmer

    What's your favourite aquascaping shop?

    Hi all, I'm interested to hear about your favourite aquarium shop that has an interest or bias towards aquascaping. For instance they may have a decent planted display tank or two and stock aquascaping-friendly kit such as CO2 and decent hardscape. Similar to this thread - UK Shops for...