1. CooKieS

    Simple shrimp pico scape

    Hi there, New project, simple scape for shrimps... 8l optiwhite glass cube Led pico by collar aqualighter Hob filter by Sunsun O knott soil Black stone River Wood Dry start with eBay seeds Plants to come: Anubia petite Massimo balls Seeds Ferns Bucephalandra Mini taiwan moss Day one...
  2. Jessica sergeant

    Anyone on here near great yarmouth selling shrimp?

    Looking for someone near gt yarmouth with some neo shrimps please. If anyone has any for sale. :) thanks x
  3. Goose157

    90 l cleaning crew set up.....

    Got my first planted tank set up, 90ltr - co2art se with 2kg fe....everything is running very well. Fish are happy so far....slowly upping the co2....drop checker is telling things are good.... My question is how do I keep it this way....! I want to get some sort of cleaning crew in there but I...
  4. Bumblefish

    Severe Ich Infestation In Planted Tank With Clear Silicone Joints And Inverts

    Hi guys. New to forums etc. Live a bit off the grid! Tank started 4 months ago. Cardinals, rummynose, saes, ottos, amanos, rcs and some ramshorn snails. All was going well. Plants had settled in nicely and then I saw a golden nugget plec (my favourite) for the first time in 15 years at a lfs in...
  5. angelacalvilo

    Hello Everyone

    Hi, I am Angela from LA. I was an aquarist one years ago and kept a nano tank in my room. I wrote about freshwater tank on my blog, That's my blog ~>> AQUASCAPER.ORG I hope i get more knowledge about freshwater tank from this forum and having new friends who love freshwater tanks :)
  6. Harplow

    My first time

    juwel vision 450 lt planted out November 2014 , took this Jan 2015
  7. Zak Rafik

    Flourish Excel & Amano shrimps

    Hi When I started my 4 ft / 300lt planted tank in July 2014, I had about 18 Amano shrimps. Just before mid October, I still had a nice population of shrimps even after accounting for occasional AWOLs ( aka jumping out the tank in the middle of the night;)) As I had a outbreak of BBA and other...
  8. Mike Edwardes

    The Great Cherry Red Shrimp Die Off

    Three weeks ago I bought 5 cherry red shrimp. I brought them home and acclimatised them in the aquatic section of a large, mature paludarium. They seemed to do well at first, but over the last week they've disappeared and I've found two dead. This is a large, heavily planted enclosure, running...
  9. andyh

    Sulawesi Shrimp Project

    Hello Just thought i would share a little project i have been tinkering with behind the scenes. Since attending Aquatics live and seeing the fabulous stand of one of our sponsors Freshwatershrimp. I have been bitten by the shrimp bug again. I am currently keeping CRS and Rilli Shrimp in my...